Ways to Re-cover a Footstool

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A footstool plays a critical role in the versatility of your living room. Besides elevating your feet, you can also use it as an occasional impromptu table or an extra seat. Replacing the fabric of a footstool is as easy as it sounds. With a range of materials available, homeowners can choose the design of their footstools online. However, its joints can become loose over time, and homeowners might need to chip or scrape off the old glue before clamping and re-glueing it. Simplychaise.co.uk shares an incredible guide to re-covering your footstools.

Remove the old fabric

Begin with stripping off or ripping down the trimmings and covering of the unwanted fabric. However, this can be time-consuming and tiresome if the previous material was secured using staples and tacks. The best way to remove nails is using a tack lifter or ripping chisel.

Add a decorative piping

You can conceal fixings using a piping cord of your choice, but make sure its colour complements the footstool. After cutting a piece of fabric of about 4 centimetres, join strips at an angle that forms an attractive joint. After that, tighten the finished piping as you staple it.

Secure the underside

After covering the top of a footstool, turn it over to fix its underside. The work will be easy if it’s possible to unscrew its legs. You can cover the bottom of the footstool using a piece of hessian. After that, tack the cover to the middle of one side and secure it to the opposite side before folding the hessian to fasten it and form corners.

Of course, every homeowner has to learn to style up their footstools to make them look fabulous. Re-covering a footstool is as easy as rearranging the stylish tools that you already have in your living room. Most people have trendy ottomans, but they often neglect their finishing touches.