Types of Recycled Iron Used in Casting

Pile of scrap metals

Metal recycling is currently one of the best ways to conserve the environment. By reusing existing metals, people lessen the need to mine new metal ores, preserving our metal resources for such time when we truly need them.

Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are recyclable, but many prefer the first for their exceptional durability and tensile strength. Ferrous metals contain iron or include iron and steel alloys. Ferrous metal products are taken to scrap metal recycling factories where they are sorted, melted and cast into different products. The primary casting materials in these factories are iron and steel.

This article presents examples of recycled iron:

Cast Iron

This iron alloy contains more than 2 per cent carbon. Cast iron is dense, relatively inexpensive, and has excellent compression properties. It is also more viscous at low temperatures compared to steel and can be made into complex items. It is brittle, however, and fractures if bent or distorted. It is not used for designs with sharp edges.

Grey Iron

This is the most common category of casting iron. It turns grey when fractured, hence its name. Grey iron contains 2.5-4 per cent graphite as its carbon additive in its total weight, and 1-3 per cent silicon for stabilisation. It has most of the properties of cast iron but is cheaper and more viscous. The inclusion of graphite also makes grey iron less brittle compared to cast iron.

Ductile Iron

Spherical graphite comprises approximately 3.2-3.6 per cent of the weight of ductile iron. It has the highest viscosity, tensile strength and impact resistance among the three forms of recycled iron used for casting. Ductile iron is utilised mainly in finely detailed works.

Most people think their contribution to metal recycling ends with dropping the metals at a recycling factory. Investing in recycled iron products, however, also significantly contributes to keeping the factories in operation. With the above guide, you are now better placed to choose the best-recycled iron products.