School’s In: Six Reasons Why You Should Live Near a School


Distance is an important factor in choosing a school for your children. The nearer the school is to your home, the safer your children are on their commute to and from the grounds. The folks at St. Edward Integrated School have detailed some benefits to living near a school. Here are just a few of them.

Peace of Mind

Areas near schools are more secure since schools have security guards. You can be assured that your children are in a safe environment. When you live near a school, there are fewer chances your children will encounter strangers or have to deal with high traffic volume and dangerous intersections.

Since the school is so near, parents can easily see what is going on in the premises. You only have to look out the window or walk for a few minutes to see what’s happening where your children are.

Save Time and Money on the Commute

Long commutes are exhausting, especially for children. If you live near a school, the commute will be shorter and the children will be able to get home earlier. Since they arrive home earlier, your young ones will have more time and energy to play, do their homework and some extracurricular activities, learn a hobby, and rest.

You will also be saving money on the drive to and from school since the commute is shorter. If the school is within walking distance of your home, you won’t even have to think about driving or hiring a bus service because your kids can simply walk to school.

Decrease Morning Conflict

Children need 9 to 12 hours of sleep per night, while teens need 8 to 10 hours. Some kids just cannot get enough sleep, which makes waking them up for school a next-to-impossible task. This can lead to frustration for both the children and their parents when it’s time to get up in the morning. If you live near a school, your kids can wake up a little later and enjoy a relaxed morning routine. With fewer early morning battles, you and your children can start the day off right.


When you live near a school, you eliminate wasted time. Your children do not have to wait to be picked up or dropped off since they can just walk to school. If your kids forget something, they can just walk back home to retrieve the forgotten item.

Access to Outdoor Amenities

School grounds, like the one at St. Edward Integrated School, often have playgrounds and fields for sports. Usually, you and your children can access these facilities even on weekends. Access to these amenities can give your children more reason to exercise, bond with friends, and take part in extracurricular activities.

Children Gain Independence

Older children like being in control. Being able to go to school without adult supervision can give children a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. Additionally, walking to school allows children to develop their street smarts. They will become more alert and knowledgeable about traffic rules.

The benefits of living near a school are significant. Not only is it safer and more convenient, but it also allows children to be more independent and gives parents greater peace of mind.