Responding, Not Reacting, To Emergency

Dentists looking at teeth x-ray

Witnessing an accident or seeing a loved one in pain is not a comfortable experience, during these times of stress it’s very easy to panic and react rather than respond. Picking up the phone and talking to a professional who can give immediate advice and support, helps calm the caregiver who can find out how to administer appropriate first aid care to the one in pain. An emergency dental appointment in Mackay is the next step and luckily, most dental surgeries offer this service, even if the injured party is not a patient of the practice.

Accessing an Emergency Dental Appointment in Mackay

If someone has hurt themselves during a sporting activity or an accident, first aid to reduce swelling, control bleeding and saving teeth is of paramount importance. If a tooth has been knocked out or part of the tooth chipped, put the tooth in milk as soon as possible, ensuring the root is not touched. This will cleanse and preserve it for the dentist to then reinsert. If swelling is present, a cold compress to the face and swollen area will help reduce pain and control the swelling. If there are cuts or bleeding, it’s then important to hold compresses on the site and get the patient to an emergency dental appointment. In Mackay, dental surgeries such as Northern Beaches Dental offer these as immediate response or same day appointments depending on the severity of the injury.

If the emergency is less from injury and more from sudden pain or pain suddenly increasing, indicating something is wrong, patients can still get an emergency dental appointment in Mackay on the same day. Local dental clinics will offer an appointment or an alternative venue if it’s not possible for the patient to be seen immediately. Abscesses and decayed teeth can suddenly flare up to cause intolerable pain. It’s important to seek medical advice before taking pain relief or offering it. The patient may need to be seen and given anaesthetic, pain relief or mild sedation upon arrival at the emergency dentist appointment. In Mackay, dentists are offering quick response and same-day treatments. If pain or injury is occurring, pick up the phone and book an emergency appointment in Mackay today.