Of Parades and Personal Injuries: What To Do When You Get Injured During a Parade

a parade

The people from Salt Lake City sure know how to celebrate. Locals go all out on the Fourth of July, the Days of ’47 parade, and many other celebrations throughout the year. And it seems like not even the risk of personal injury can stop people from going out on the streets, watching colorful floats and marching bands, and simply having fun.

Despite your excitement and eagerness to celebrate in the streets of downtown Salt Lake City, you have to remain alert. And no matter how fun the parades are, you still have to know your rights. If you sustain an injury during one of these celebrations, you can fight for a fair settlement and proper compensation.

What Injuries Most Commonly Occur During Parades?

When you’re having fun, you might brush aside a scraped arm, a bruised knee, or a twisted ankle. But William R. Rawlings & Associates reminds you that you can file a personal injury claim. Salt Lake City lawyers can negotiate fair compensation for injuries obtained during a parade.

Here are some of the most common injuries you can file a personal injury claim for:

  • Getting injured due to unsafe premises conditions
  • Getting hit by objects tossed around during parades
  • Getting hit by parade paraphernalia
  • Getting hit by large objects hoisted from floats
  • Getting run over by floats that are moving too fast or that go the wrong way

As fun as parades are, you have to be ready for anything that can happen. And you have to fight for your right to proper compensation.

What Do You Do After Treating a Personal Injury?

If you obtain injuries during a huge celebration like the Days of ’47 parade, you might be tempted to just get help from the paramedics and then walk it off. But lawyers urge you to file a personal injury claim and fight for a fair settlement — especially when the injury results in lost wages, pain, and suffering.

Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer who knows your rights and does not settle for anything less than what you deserve. And do so as soon as possible so that you don’t go beyond the statutes of limitations.