Nurture in Nature: Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities

Aerial view of beach in Sentosa island

Singapore has become one of the most advanced cities in the world. The country has a world-class education system and an impressive public transport system that rival what other global cities have to offer.

Your children learn and grow in the city; they are more than familiar with its top-notch education and convenient transportation. It is not, however, the only place for them to learn. You may nurture the family with outdoor activities that show them the country’s natural side.

That said, arrange some nature activities with them in some of Singapore’s family-friendly places to visit.

Sentosa Nature Discovery

If you want to develop your children’s analytical skills, spend a day in Sentosa Nature Discovery. It offers a fun hands-on journey where you can exercise detective skills in nature.

The nature trail goes around Imbiah Hill, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Singapore’s flora and fauna. Your children will learn about the resort island’s eco-systems, which is home to eight types of habitats. These habitats include coastal rainforests, rocky seashores and wetlands.

The children can further their knowledge of the wilderness through encounters with plants and wildlife—they may even encounter the Magpie Robin, an endangered species that is relatively common in Sentosa. They may also marvel at the heritage trees within the vicinity of the trail.

Sentosa Nature Heritage Walk

If your family would rather have a laidback nature activity, you may opt for the Sentosa Nature Heritage Walk. It reminds children of the natural scenery that Singapore has to offer beyond its city centre.

The heritage walk is particularly appealing to history buffs. When you follow the guided map, you will encounter carefully-conserved heritage trees and buildings. You will also see Fort Siloso, the only fully-restored military fort in the country.

Explore nature in Sentosa with your children. Show them what it has to offer. They will, for sure, learn things that they otherwise wouldn’t in the confines of the city.