New Skier’s Essential Guide to Storing Ski Gear

Guy skiing with backpack

Once the off-season arrives, your ski gear has to be stored for the long months ahead. Even if your awesome winter gear is made to last for years, misuse and poor storage will wear down and rust even the hardiest of ski gear. Here are a few vital tips to properly store your boards, skis, jackets and other gear for the next ski season.


Top-quality ski jackets are excellent investments since they’re both sturdy and comfortable. Pedigree Ski Shop shares that known brands such as Bogner have men’s ski jackets that always sport weatherproof and durable features. Nevertheless, none of this will matter if you don’t properly store them. Get rid of as much moisture as possible from the inside and do the same for your storage space. Make sure that it’s a closet not exposed to direct heat and sunlight.


The care required for storing your skis depends on just how much abuse they have endured during wintertime. Before putting them away, please inspect them for damage and any rust that may have accumulated during your skiing trip. Even the smallest cracks or corrosion can cause your equipment to fall apart in record time. Remove the old wax with a scraper and milk cleaner, then replace it with a brand-new coating of hot wax to secure your skis.


These babies require cool and dry storage space. Keep them in their bags and avoid putting them in the basement or garage. The temperatures in those places can fluctuate throughout the year, and they could seriously damage your boards even if you’ve cleaned them up and checked them for damage. Your gear is made for cold weather use and exposing it to heat will cause it to expand and contract, creating cracks and loosening it up. These issues will eventually affect your gear’s performance.

With your gear safely locked away for the next use, check out online ski stores and blogs for further advice. It won’t hurt you to be updated on the latest discounted sales and care methods for your skis and other equipment. Here’s to a successful ski season in a few more months!