Miami Green Spaces: How This Trend Is Growing and Providing Awesome Benefits

Rooftop garden in urban settingMiami has some of the grandest buildings in Florida. The Panorama Tower, which stands at over 850 feet, is in the city. The greater metro area is home to more than 70% of the skyscrapers. It’s safe to say it’s an urban concrete jungle, but that may about to change.

Ove the last few years, there has been an increasing demand for commercial landscaping services in Miami Dade West. Office buildings are adding hardscaped pathways or rooftop gardens. Shopping centers now introduce alfresco areas. These – and a lot more – highlight how the state is trying to embrace nature once again.

The Benefits of Nature

The conversion of some urban regions into green spaces is not a coincidence. It’s a growing trend, according to Garden Trend Media Group. According to it, Americans are finding joy, purpose, and peace in nature. They are also trying to establish a stronger relationship with nature. This is despite the fast changes in technology, especially social media. In other words, they are reconnecting to the natural world.

This trend tends to corroborate the growing number of studies that highlight the benefits of green in urban cities such as Miami.

Take, for example, a study that reveals how greening vacant lands in urban areas can improve mental well-being. The research published in Jama Network Open showed how it could reduce depressive feelings of the residents living nearby. The result is significant since over 10% of US land is vacant.

An earlier study by Lincoln Larson, assistant professor at Clemson University, established a link between a person’s state of well-being and the city park size. People who live near city parks were more likely to report a feeling of happiness and good health than those who don’t.

The research also highlighted how the connection didn’t change even if he and the other researchers considered other factors. Moreover, it revealed how the same effect could happen with different types of green spaces.

Americans these days live in a fast-paced world. The time travels fast, especially in big cities like Miami. The presence of these green spaces cannot stop time from moving. But it provides the break every person needs to recover and rest.