Meet the Types of Customers You’ll Find in Your Restaurant

A pair of customers enjoying their time in a restaurant

Restaurant businesses thrive because of its customers. They are the ones who give life and ensure that the business stays afloat. If you belong to the foodservice industry, it would be best for you to have an idea of the types of customers you’ll encounter. Knowing them will help you find the balance when it comes to your food offerings.

The Discriminatory Customer

You may have already established the taste of the dishes you’re offering and have gained a lot of happy customers. There are times, however, when you encounter customers who have a discriminating taste. You can think of them in two ways — either they’re simply too snobbish or your finest critic.

If your dishes have pleased the majority for a long time, then there’s no need to readjust the taste. If you have received multiple negative feedbacks about a particular dish, on the other hand, then it might be a good time to reconsider.

The Senior Customer

Aside from the discriminatory customer, you will also have a number of seniors dining at your restaurant. It’s a known fact that seniors normally have a bland taste. Everyday Health mentioned that the loss of taste buds brought by aging is the primary contributory factor.

At times, you may have already included enough salt on the dish and yet, it could still be tasteless for them. It’s a good idea if you include a short description of the nutritional value of your dishes on the menu, as well. That way, even if they would find it bland, they will see that it has the right amount of ingredients.

The Happy-Go-Lucky Customer

These are the types of customers who enjoy the food they order. Whether you include beef au jus concentrate or put in a lot of herbs, they would love them nonetheless. It’s not difficult to please them and usually, they are the younger ones. As long as you provide good food, they would surely love it.

The Health-Conscious Customer

Always remember what said: One of the things customers look for in a restaurant is healthy food choices. This means that if your menu gives them healthy options, like vegetables or gluten-free, they are more likely to dine at your place. You will surely end up pleasing their palates.

Knowing the types of customers gives you the chance to custom your menu. You will be able to satisfy their food cravings and you could look forward to having returning customers.