London on the Cheap: Visit London on a Budget

Vacation in London

London is an expensive city to visit, but that does not mean you have to deny yourself the opportunity to travel here on a budget. There are ways to enjoy London without having to pay a king’s ransom.

Do Your Research

Research should always be part of your budget travels, especially if you intend to see London. Use the internet to search for places you can enter for free or at a discount, like theatres and museums. Industry professional LHA London shares that this is also the way to go if you would like to join a tour or book cheap accommodations in London. The web is indispensable in finding out which places for dining are within your spending capacity.

Of course, you can save more if you get The London Pass, which is your ticket to free entries into tourist attractions, to skip the long lines into many of these attractions and enjoy a free hop on hop off bus tour. The London Pass, the Oyster Card and the Travelcard are all available online. Get them before you travel or pick them up as soon as you arrive.

Do a Walking Tour

A walking tour is not all about walking, though; you can hop on the bus or ride the Tube. Your Oyster Card will make this a more convenient and affordable experience. Avoid the cabs, though, because the costs will pile up quickly. A walking tour is great because it’s affordable, and you are free to enjoy most of the sites and sceneries at your own pace.

To do this on your own, download some map apps like the Tube app, the London Bus Free Map and Google Maps. If you are part of an organised walking tour, however, you don’t have to pay but remember to tip your guide. The East End Guided Walk is a good tour if you are interested in visiting the bohemian part of London.

London may not be cheap, but your holiday here can be — if you know what you are doing. Your research will be a huge help in achieving your London tour on a budget, and walking plus public transportation will allow you to save quite a bit.