Important Questions to Ask When Looking for a Tree Surgeon

A tree surgeon at work

Trees are among the most common natural resources. Unfortunately, people have abused them so much to the point of burning forests and engaging in illegal logging. You, however, as a responsible homeowner can do your part.

While it might not be an ideal part of your home due to the maintenance needed, having a tree and learning how to maintain it is a must. Hiring a tree surgeon in Kent would significantly help. The question now is who the right hire is. Make your evaluation a lot easier by asking the right questions.

1. Are you licensed and insured?

Not everyone can cut trees, even if they are in your backyard. Therefore, to make sure that your chosen tree surgeon knows what they are doing, always ask to see their licence to operate. In addition, making sure that your chosen agency has insurance can save from you a lot of unforeseen liabilities.

2. Can you give me an estimate?

On the topic of costs, you should have an estimate before the work starts. Make sure your agency sticks to the given quote and not surprise you with hidden charges come payment time. Asking quotes from at least three different companies will also be helpful in getting the best deal.

3. What equipment are you going to use in the process?

Some trees require more than just the use of a basic ladder and saw. A good tree surgeon should have the right machinery in dealing with your type of tree. The finished product, as well as the safety of the workers, should always be a priority.

4. Do your workers know basic first aid?

Make sure that the workers assigned to your home have trained not just in tree cutting but also in administering first aid. Accidents often happen in this kind of work and having someone who knows the basic steps in treating injuries is a must.

Having a tree surgeon will help you maintain the trees in your home and prevent pests and diseases. Do you have a list of tree surgeons you are considering to help you get the job done? Ask these questions and make the search easier.