How Your Small Business Can Take Advantage of 3D Printing

3d printed orange golf ball

Although 3D printing is a relatively new technology, it’s quickly finding its place among many industries. The introduction of smaller and more efficient 3D printers has served to accelerate its adoption, more so in small businesses.

As a small business owner, you’ve probably heard of 3D printing but still wondering how it can benefit your firm. With a 3D printer and the right filament materials, the possibilities are endless. Keene Village Plastics shares some ways you can leverage 3D printing.


One area of your business that you wouldn’t have to worry about when you get a 3D printer is creating prototypes. Small businesses normally have to pay more to get a prototype, but this will change greatly when you invest in a 3D printer. You don’t even have to own one yourself. Just find a printing company that provides better service at an affordable cost.

Better Decision Making

Having an in-house 3D printer helps you to identify potential hurdles and defects in your design before full production. This process is unlike when ordering a finished product from a factory, which can drive up costs. You won’t need any contracts or financial commitments to create a prototype for new parts.

Faster Production

Before 3D printing, design cycles used to take a lot of time. These delays meant that new products would take years before making it to the market. 3D printing has brought about rapid prototyping, which enables manufacturers to produce items much faster. Faster production is beneficial for small businesses that rely on innovation to grow.

With 3D printing, small businesses can not only change their mode of production but also produce more at a lower cost. As the technology improves, businesses are finding it to be a great tool for innovation. Implementing 3D printing might give you a distinct advantage over your competition.