Home Window Films: What Options do You have?

Stack of tempered window glass with film

If you want an efficient and affordable solution to improve your office or home, then window films are the way to go. They not only save you on cooling and heating costs, but they also maximize your privacy without blocking lighting as ordinary curtains would do.

The varieties of window films available out there make the selection for the best one a no mean feat. This article guides you through the different types to help you select the best window film in Dallas from reliable providers such as Amersol.

Security and Safety Window Film

These provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home and your business have ample protection. The films high tensile polyester makes it resilient such that it slows down or prevents an intruder from breaking into your premises.

Additionally, this film also offers protection against severe weather by holding the glass in place in case it suffers damage. This glass is available in stainless steel, silver, or clear varieties, along with various thicknesses.

Solar control window film

This type features comfort and energy saving as the primary benefits. Various varieties in this category provide UV protection, glare reduction, reflectivity, multiple colors and tint options.

If you want window films for a commercial setting, then go for silver or warm copper as it gives your office a sleek and professional exterior appearance.

Decorative window film

This type is for decoration purposes and is popularly used in interior design for modern homes or offices made of glass doors or dividers. They also add to the privacy of offices and conference rooms. In other cases, people use this to lighten up bland spaces with their etched, opaque, or frost glasses.

Establishing the most suitable window film for your needs can be easy if you are working with a professional installer. Before consulting with them, list down your priority benefits that you wish to achieve with the window films. This way, you can make a proper decision faster.