At Peace With Nature: 4 Basics of Eco-Funerals

flowers and candles in the background

It is never easy to start talking about funerals or deaths of loved ones. However, this is a fact of life and soon, people need to face the task of planning, financing and attending funerals.

Thankfully, there are funeral planning services that can help you with these arrangements. What is better is that some service provides may now offer “green funeral” options or funeral plans wherein the burial will give long-term benefits for the environment. explains the basics of green funerals.

Eco-Friendly Coffins

The coffins made for green funerals are environmentally safe. This is because sustainable sources such as bamboo, willow, and pine are used in creating coffins. Because the coffins are mainly composed of wood, this makes them biodegradable.

Woodland Burial Sites

Green funerals have burial sites in different types of wooded areas, such as flowery meadows, manicured parklands, or natural woodlands. The abundance of plants and greenery in these areas make them suitable sites for a green funeral. You can choose a woodland burial site near your home or anywhere in the country as long as it is available.

Memorial Trees and Saplings

Another aspect of green funerals is the option to have a memorial tree delivered to your address to celebrate the life of the dearly departed. You can also arrange for a sapling to be donated to a woodland conservation in the country. This will help the environmental effort in getting awareness from the public.

Finally, green funerals are not limited to one belief. Any religious denominations are welcome to choose a green funeral because what matters more is what you can give back to the environment than your beliefs. Whether you need eco-funerals in the UK or you wish to have memorial trees in the U.S., green funeral planners can help you with these diverse needs.