A Geeky Perspective: What Goes on at Comic-Cons?

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San Diego Comic-Con is the biggest annual gathering of nerds. It’s a yearly conference for comic book lovers where they can dress up as their imagined heroes. It’s a place where they can geek out with their fellow comic lovers and meet up with their comic crushes come to life.

Here’s a lowdown of rules for comic-con newbies seeking that little nudge to participate next month.

Rule #1: Don’t be a lost puppy.

San Diego Comic-Con is composed of four days of demonstrations, panels, and parties. You don’t want to be diving into the event like a lost puppy unsure where to go. Plan and identify which program you want to participate in. You can always visit comic-con.org to check out this year’s program and special guests.

Rule #2: Be prepared to run around like a madman.

There will be lots of people to see and programs to attend. The huge number of people participating in costumes will be a scene in itself.

Be ready to run around like a madman and try to attend every program you want to. Don’t worry, everyone will be channeling their inner hero or villain, so you can act as fictional as you want, to make the most of your time there.

Rule #3: Kill time and brace yourself for the long lines.

The Comic-Con draws fans from around the globe so everybody who’s anybody will be there. Set that alarm clock and get up really early. Add two hours on top of how long you think the line would be. Remember, this is a global event.

Bring something to keep you busy. Otherwise, communicate with your fellow nerds anticipating the start of a program.

The huge crowd might seem like a huge drawback, but there’s a reason comic-cons are such a success. People keep coming back for more, so just embrace it rather than whine about it. You’ll have a blast despite the long lines.