4 Digital Marketing Styles That Will Blow up in 2018

Digital Marketing in a holographic sphere

If you’re working in the digital industry, you most probably know that the digital marketing trend tends to change a lot. People on the Internet are constantly looking for different things, and most of them get bored when they see the same old stuff. Here, PR agencies in Melbourne discuss the digital marketing trends that you should watch out for this 2018, and why you should watch out for them.

Voice Commands

Voice commands have been around for a couple of years now, but it’s expected to blow up further this year. People are always on the go, so more people are turning to devices that are voice responsive and does not need to be held at all times.

Mobile Apps

Today, almost every business has an app that’s downloadable from app stores. Sure, most have been around for a couple of years now, but this year, thousands of apps are expected to launch. If you have a business and you don’t have an app yet, you better go ahead and have someone develop it for you now.

Blogging and Vlogging

If you search the Web, you’ll find that there are thousands of bloggers and vloggers from all over the world. This year, big and small brands are expected to deliver content and ads through bloggers and vloggers, as this will cut their costs and make them more visible online. Besides, these influencers have already made a name, and it’s easier to market through them than create your own strategy.


This year, chatbots are expected to get even more personal by answering customers’ questions and queries. These things have become more personalised and have a more ‘human touch’ to them, making it perfect for those businesses that do not have the time to answer each and every question themselves.

There definitely are more digital marketing trends to look out for, but these are the ones that will most likely blow up this year. Are you as excited as we are?