3 Singaporean Social Media Habits that Can Help Your Business

Did you know that 7 out of 10 Singaporeans use social media on their smartphones and tablets every single day? Based on metrics, Singaporeans mobile social media usage is double the global average! If you have a business, this can help you generate more leads from Singapore’s highly mobile market.

Here are more of the digital habits that you can look into. Consider these facts if you’re thinking of hiring an online marketing company in Singapore such as PurpleClick Media to boost your business.

The buzz is in social media

Based on a survey from Vistaprint, researchers found that 88 percent of about 2,200 small company owners use Facebook for their brand marketing activities. The social media giant is followed by Linkedin (39 percent), Twitter (31 percent), Google+ (22 percent), Pinterest (20 percent), and finally YouTube (17 percent). So if you’re new in social media marketing, consider launching your brand on Facebook first.

Video is making waves

Based on figures from Infographics.SG’s 2013 Social Media Usage Statistics for Singapore, there are about 3.93 million YouTube users in Singapore. While video marketing has been around for quite a long time, it is only in recent years that it has made waves before of the sharing aspect in social media.

Online search comes before purchase

The same 2013 Social Media Usage Statistics for Singapore report found that 46.2 percent of Singaporeans do search on social media first before they make a purchase. What’s more interesting is that about 51.2 percent decide on a purchase using social media. If customers can’t find your brand and services/products, you are losing more customers than you know.

Embrace Online Marketing

Don’t be left behind. Hire a team of online marketing professionals to help get your business out there where the customers are consistently looking for new brands, services, and products.